Surveyors practice in a specialized field, with its own set of challenges and pitfalls. LGWM understands the surveying profession and the legal issues that surveyors face.


LGWM has represented Surveyors in litigation involving residential homes, subdivisions, commercial buildings, municipal projects, manufacturing plants, water treatment facilities, sewer pipe layouts, parking decks, road construction, and public facilities. We have also worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) to reestablish flood plain elevations to negate claims based on existing FEMA maps.


While LGWM is proud of its success representing Surveyors in litigation, we believe the best defense is to avoid litigation if that reasonably can be done. We counsel our surveyor clients in risk management and litigation avoidance. We also assist our Surveyor clients in contract preparation and pre-claim dispute resolution.



  • Represented Surveyor in alleged negligent survey for a site for a five-story parking deck.
  • Represented Surveyor in alleged faulty survey for a location of a large, 500 foot pier for a condominium.
  • Represented Surveyor in alleged faulty survey for the elevation for a large residential dwelling in a federal flood plan zone.
  • Represented Surveyor in alleged failure to properly survey the dimensions of the underground drain system for a municipal project.

Department Head

Britt Monroe