Insurance Policy Interpretation and Coverage Determination


We advise claims professionals on the scope of coverage based on an objective assessment of applicable law and relevant facts. Because the LGWM coverage team renders coverage advice and services for carriers on claims across the United States, we strive to maintain current knowledge of all coverage-related developments in the law. Our coverage experience and knowledge of coverage law is multi-jurisdictional, as must be the case when rendering coverage advice, based on the ever present choice of law issues that accompany coverage disputes.


Our attorneys also are asked to review current wordings for modification. We have contributed to the drafting of coverage forms and endorsements, working with our clients to develop language addressing emerging liabilities.


The Insurance Coverage Practice Group at LGWM frequently is retained by carriers to review claim files, interpret policy forms, and render coverage analyses. Typically those assignments include requests to draft coverage letters to insureds, reservation of rights letters, and coverage declinations as the case may require. Our coverage attorneys are experienced and well-versed in interpreting a wide variety of coverage forms. That experience allows us to get right to the point as quickly and efficiently as possible. The ability to render coverage opinions and advice efficiently yet thoroughly is important to our clients. We understand the legal and contractual obligations imposed on carriers, and the consequences in many jurisdictions when claims decisions and coverage letters are not timely issued.



The five-member coverage team at LGWM routinely is requested to provide coverage analyses on claims across the Southeast, and often for claims pending in various other parts of the country and U.S. Provinces. Our coverage team currently has attorneys who are licensed in Alabama, Louisiana, New York and New Jersey. Our Insurance Coverage Practice Group has rendered coverage analyses on numerous policy forms including:

Insurance Agents and Brokers

D & O (including Mutual Fund D & O)

Bankers Professional Liability

Broker Dealer and Registered Representative Professional Liability

Accountants Professional Liability

Lawyers Professional Liability

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Physicians Professional Liability

Professional Liability

Insurance Company Professional Liability

Commercial General Liability

Commercial Trucking


Pollution Types


Commercial Property

Department Head

Steve Whitehead